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"I wish food was falling from the sky…"


Suho started out like this


*here comes Luhan*


and ended up like this



get to know me meme: k-pop edition


5 favorite female groups
5 favorite male groups
3 favorite female subunits
3 favorite male subunits
5 favorite female soloists
5 favorite male soloists
5 favorite female biases
5 favorite male biases
5 favorite performances
5 favorite MVs
5 favorite OTPs
5 favorite concepts

ChenChen's million dollar question (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
EXO for Lotte Duty Free

Compilations Of Sehun ;; 

His affection towards fans ;u;

As you can see we’re having a blast!

As you can see we’re having a blast!

Chanyeol in Music Videos


are celebs trained to not blink when they get their pic taken bc every flash literally blinds me and i look high in every pic

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